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Annie Rinker


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Director, Office of Innovation, Hines

With 13+ years’ experience in the coworking, sales, management, brokerage, property management and asset management fields, I am familiar with many components that drive results and revenue in commercial assets. I began my career working for a coworking company with offices across the US, in sales, operations and management. Seeing a direct correlation between coworking, technology and hospitality and how these elements add value to buildings, I received a master’s degree in real estate finance and development from Georgetown University to further expand my knowledge in asset management and development.

In my career, I have personally managed coworking facilities, including all financial and operational components as well as being responsible for a larger regional sales team of coworking managers. I continue to build on the intersection of coworking and traditional commercial real estate by exploring other ways to drive value to buildings though the Hines coworking platform, The Square.

My years of sales, client management, P&L Management, tenant representation and corporate leadership in both coworking spaces and traditional commercial assets have put me in a unique position for where this industry is headed. Through these experiences, I have learned how to think outside the box; how to pitch ideas and solutions; develop the ability to read and work with all types of people; understand client and tenant needs and problem solve directly with them; drive strong retention rates; evaluate existing revenue streams and identify new revenue opportunities; team member mentorship and coaching; and adding value to commercial assets.


State of the Industry

Tuesday, December 8th
9:00a to 9:45a EST


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