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Scott Montgomery

Crank Tank Office Club

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President and Founder, Crank Tank Office Club

My specialty is managing businesses.  I build brands at a reasonable cost, raise funds when needed, locate the talent to innovate exciting product lines and integrate eCommerce and Brick & Mortar sales for a seamless OMNI channel marketing plan.

In 2016, as CEO of Nutcase, we orchestrated a successful turnaround and then a sale to bring liquidity to ownership. At that time, looking for office space we purchased property for our team and began renting out the extra offices to local entrepreneurs and formed CrankTank Office ClubRedirects to external site..

No business grows without setbacks.  I have experienced almost every difficult scenario a company can encounter.  I am comfortable navigating challenging situations that require bank and stakeholders all pulling together to return the company to health.  CrankTank's goal is to find opportunities to improve sales, increase margins, and improve cash flow.


Opportunity in a Smaller Economy

Wednesday, December 9
2:15p to 3:00p EST


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